Many of our clients begin with our Masonry Archeology inspection. This provides you with a better sense of what you -- and we -- are dealing with. Based on our evaluation, we can provide specifications, drawings, materials, and on-site help with your project.

Instructions in proper use of fireplaces, stoves, and bake ovens as well as open hearth cooking.

Irons speaking about Ft. Knox

Richard Irons makes a report on the conditions at Ft. Knox, consulting with park officials on work necessary to restore a one-of-a-kind bake oven in this federal landmark.

Under Richard Irons' guidance, his team excavates chimneys and other masonry structures, exposing historic layers and restoring early structures to their original condition. In this case, one of the masons is working inside an opened chimney flue.

Along the way, Richard reclaims early brick (17th-19th centuries). He occasionally acquires and can make available original implements such as oven doors, fireplace cranes, andirons, open hearth cooking equipment, and cook stoves.

"I have had several opportunities to work with Richard ... I have found Richard's style to be most professional, personal and responsive. Richard possesses a rare combination of talents with his knowledge and respect for historic masonry materials, details and construction methods."
- Daniel Hubbard Pierce,
Pierce Architects (Salem, MA)