Partial List of Projects.

These projects first involve consultation and inspection to provide a report on existing conditions. Clients seek recommendations about how to restore structures, which usually involves excavating, repairing, repointing, restoring and somertimes rebuilding a chimney, fireplace or wall to its period state. For many of these projects, our team completed the work. For some, in a consulting capacity, Richard Irons provided specifications and supervision of other masons.

Auld Lang Syne (c. 1675) Nantucket, MA (2 fireplaces restored)
Barrett's Farm (1705) Concord, MA (rebuilt and restored 1760s cooking fireplace)
"Castle Hill" at the Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA (rebuilt large chimney)
Chapman Hall House (1754) Damariscotta, ME (rebuilt chimney)
Coburn House (c. 1765) Pittston, ME (restored 1765 cooking fireplace and oven)
Conant House (c. 1690-1715) Beverly, MA (rebuilt chimney, fireplace restoration)
Counting House (c. 1830) Berwick, ME (rebuilt chimney)
Cushing House (1808) Newburyport, MA (repointed exterior)
Dean Winthrop House (1647) Winthrop, MA (rebuilt chimney, repaired and restored arch and fireplaces)
Derby House (1768) Salem Maritime Historic Park, Salem, MA (identified water infiltration problems, then repaired, restored, repointed, rebuilt 1 chimney and caps)
Richard Gardner House (pre1690) Nantucket, MA (chimney repoint and repair)
Hazen Garrison House (c. 1700) Haverhill, MA (restored fireplace and chimney)
House of Seven Gables (1668) Salem, MA (rebuilt 5 chimneys)
Ironmasters' House (1687) Saugus Ironworks, Saugus, MA (identified water infiltration problems, then partially rebuilt, repointed chimney and caps)
Ft. Knox (1862) location (consulted on condition of 15' baking oven, miscellaneous restoration work on structure)
Jefferds' Tavern (c. 1750) Old York Historical Society & Museum, York, ME (repaired bake oven, restored to working order)
Judge Sewall House (Coventry Hall, 1794) York, ME (all fireplaces restored to original structures)
Lowell's Boat Shop (c. 1830) Amesbury, MA (work on stone foundation)
Jeremiah Lee Mansion (1768) Marblehead, MA (chimney conservation)
Mariah Mitchell Museum (1790 1820) Nantucket, MA (chimney caps and repair)
More House (c. 1820) New York State Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown, NY (structure moved to museum, rebuilt center chimney, involved clay and stone)
Narbornne House (1674) Salem Maritime Historic Park, Salem, MA (rebuilt chimney, used rediscovered period mixture of hydraulic stucco with lime)
Nickerson Homestead (1772) Chatham, MA (project involved moving house on barge, first consulted, then worked on stabilization and restoration)
Old York Jail (1708) Old York Historical Society & Museum, York, ME (rebuilt chimney, involved clay)
Pacific Club (1780) former Custom House, Nantucket, MA (structural stabilization and repointing)
Perkins Mint (1806) Newburyport, MA (structural rebuild, wall restored to original condition)
Pickering House (c. 1651) Salem, MA (stone center chimney base stabilized with granite injection)
Pownalborough Courthouse (c. 1760) Dresden, ME (consultation on chimney)
Sargent-Murray House (1768) Gloucester, MA (chimney rebuilds and repairs)
Stevens Coolidge House (c. 1800) Andover, MA (chimney repairs, caps, and partial rebuild of Serpentine garden wall)
St. Anna's Chapel / St. Paul's Church (1862) Newburyport, MA (stone exterior partial rebuild and repoint)
Small House, Sturbridge Village (mid 18th c.) Sturbridge, MA (cooking fireplace and oven rebuilt)
Wadsworth-Longfellow House (1785) Portland, ME (repointing and chimneys rebuilt)
John Wells House (c. 1715) Wells, ME (center chimney)
Weeks House (1710) Greenland, NH (chimney rebuild)
Whipple House (1654) Ipswich, MA (chimney repair)
William Pepperall House (1683) Kittery Point, ME (fireplaces repaired and restored)
Witch House/Judge Corwin House (c. 1680) Salem, MA (repoint, new flashing)

team at 7 Gables
Restored and rebuilt 5 chimneys on the campus of Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables, Salem, Massachusetts.

Longfellow Maine Historical Society
Repointed The Longfellow House owned by the Maine Historical Society in Portland, Maine.

St Annes Chapel
Repaired and partially rebuilt granite walls and steeple, then finished the project by installing three cruciform finials on St. Anna's Chapel in Newburyport, Massachusetts.